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Most Asked Questions


What is N-of-1 Hub's expertise in personalised clinical studies?
N-of-1 Hub is the market leader in consultancy, collaboration, and training for personalised clinical studies. We specialise in designing, conducting, and analysing personalised clinical studies.


Which consultancy services does N-of-1 Hub offer?​

N-of-1 Hub provides consultancy on study design, data management, and data analysis for personalised clinical studies. This includes a range of activities from providing general study design advice, to providing input into the study protocol and overseeing data collection, all the way through to conducting the study on behalf of the client.


How can N-of-1 Hub assist with training in personalised clinical studies?
We offer tailored training workshops and seminars covering a whole range of topics related to personalised clinical studies, with a focus on designing and conducting N-of-1 trials and studies using other single-case designs. The training is customised to the specific needs of you and your organisation.


Which data management and analysis services does N-of-1 Hub provide?
Our services include setting up databases, generating randomisation sequences, monitoring data quality, conducting data analysis using SPSS or R software and creating individual reports for participants and healthcare providers.nt to share with your visitors.


What is the N-of-1 trial design offered by N-of-1 Hub?
N-of-1 trials are multi-cycle, double-blind, individualised randomised controlled trials where a single patient serves as their own control. The treatment and comparator are randomised within multiple cycles. Individual reports can be generated for each patient to discuss with their healthcare provider.


Can you explain the Multiple Baseline Design offered by N-of-1 Hub?
A multiple baseline design is a type of single-case design. In a multiple baseline design, the start of treatment is staggered across individuals, which strengthens conclusions because changes in outcomes are more likely to be attributed to the treatment rather than external factors. Data collected from multiple individuals allow inferences about the generalisability of effects.


What is the Single-Case Observational Design provided by N-of-1 Hub?
Single-case observational designs involve repeated measurement of an outcome over time without intervention. These designs help draw conclusions about naturally-occurring patterns in outcome and predictors, offering insights into potential intervention targets that may be effective for a particular individual.


Which statistical techniques does N-of-1 Hub use for data analysis?
N-of-1 Hub employs descriptive and inferential statistics, including time series techniques such as dynamic regression modelling and Bayesian hierarchical modelling. We use SPSS and R statistical software to analyse data.


 Is N-of-1 Hub compliant with regulatory standards?
Yes, N-of-1 Hub is GCP (Good Clinical Practice) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant, ensuring the highest standards in clinical research and data protection.


How can organisations or groups benefit from N-of-1 Hub's training workshops?
N-of-1 Hub's training workshops are tailored to the specific needs of individuals and organisations, with a focus on real-life examples and providing practical insights into designing, conducting and analysing personalised clinical studies. Training workshops ranges from introductory level lectures to hands-on experiential tutorials.

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