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Bill Phillips,

N-of-1 Hub were very responsive and engaged, working with us to determine the optimal protocol using the N-of-1 design.  We worked together to develop the N-of-1 protocol, which we were very excited about because it allowed us to perform a thorough, sham-controlled study without requiring a large patient population. We had a very positive experience with N-of-1 Hub. They were at all times responsive, engaged, and very thorough. We are currently evaluating additional studies in various conditions, and always look for ways to use the N-of-1 protocol design due to its ease of implementation and suitability for individualised treatments like personalized rTMS, especially if the condition is found in limited patient population sizes.  

Dr Chris Oliver,
Oliver Nutrition

N-of-1 Hub was of great assistance in helping us develop our protocols for a migraine trial using a single-case design. They expertly applied knowledge to our clinical situation and were extremely professional and easy to work with. We are a firm believer that single-case designs have a very important role to play in future nutraceutical research. We highly recommend N-of-1 Hub.

Dr Ali Crichton,
Monash Health 

N-of-1 Hub has provided mentoring on the use of use of N-of-1 trial methodology in an Australian-first N-of-1 trial of ADHD medication in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. N-of-1 Hub's extensive experience in trial design using N-of-1 methodologies, rich understanding of the nuance of N-of-1 trial management, and collaborative, friendly nature has facilitated high quality research and allowed us to easily overcome hurdles as they’ve arisen!

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