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Data services
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We offer consultancy on how to design, conduct and analyse personalised clinical trials. We can provide input on study design, data management and data analysis for study protocols, conduct the study, oversee data collection, data management, data analysis, and any combination of these.



We can offer training workshops and seminars tailored to the needs of your organisation or group on a variety of topics related to personalised clinical studies. Our training workshops and seminars have an emphasis on how to design and implement N-of-1 trials and other single-case studies in practice, and how to analyse and interpret the data. Our training workshops and seminars are tailored to the needs of your organisation (e.g. health condition, type of single-case design) and often utilise pre-existing data to provide real life examples. We can provide a tailored, hands-on tutorial or series of tutorials. 

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Data services

We provide data management and data analysis for personalised clinical studies. Our services include setting up databases,  generating randomisation sequences, monitoring data quality, and data analysis for N-of-1 trials and single-case studies. We use SPSS and R software to conduct descriptive and inferential statistics (e.g. time series techniques such as dynamic regression modelling). We also generate individual reports for participants and their clinicians. N-of-1 Hub is GCP and HIPAA compliant.

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