We can offer training workshops and seminars tailored to the needs of your organisation or group on a variety of topics related to Single-Case Designs 

Our training workshops and seminars have an emphasis on how to design and implement N-of-1 clinical trials and studies using other types of Single-Case Designs in clinical practice, and how to analyse and interpret the data. Our training workshops and seminars are tailored to the needs of your organisation (e.g. health condition, type of single-case design) and often utilise pre-existing data to provide real life examples.


Examples of the workshops and seminars we offer include:

  • Short seminars introducing the key principles of N-of-1 Trials and Single-Case Designs (1-2 hours)

  • Introductory workshops on N-of-1 Trials and Single-Case Designs with illustrated examples (1 Day)

  • Hands-on, skills development workshops on N-of-1 Trials and single-Case Designs (2 days)

All of our workshops and seminars can be delivered face-to-face or online 



Our previous workshops and seminars include:

  • N-of-1 methods in Health Psychology Research and Practice: A One-Day Introductory Workshop. 

  • An Introduction to N-of-1 Methods in Health Research. 

  • Single-Case Methodology in Health Research:

  • Working Together to Advance Personalised Behavioural Medicine using N-of-1 Methods. 

  • How Can N-of-1 Methods Contribute to Health Psychology Research and Practice? Developing and Advancing Personalised Methods for Behaviour Change. 

  • N-of-1 clinic – Advice on Design and Conduct of your Single Case Designs.


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