We provide advice about the design of Single-Case Designs  to companies in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology, Complementary Medicine, Digital Health & Medicinal Cannabis sectors, as well as Clinicians, Researchers and Healthcare Consumers.

Studies using Single-Case Designs:

Represent Innovative  Personalised Clinical Studies

Compare Effectiveness of Treatments

Improve Patient Engagement in Their Own Health

Can be Aggregated to Provide Added Value

Can be Cheaper and More Time-Efficient than Traditional Clinical Studies


Consultancy and Collaboration

We provide consulting and collaborative services for companies, clinicians, researchers and healthcare consumers who wish to conduct studies using Single-Case Designs.

Organizing Data

Training Workshops and Seminars

We offer a range of workshops and seminars on Single-Case Designs with an emphasis on how to implement these studies in practice, and collect, analyse, and interpret the data



Single-Case Designs (SCDs) are a range of methods that focus on evaluating individual patients and how they respond to treatments. These designs can apply the rigour and principles of traditional clinical trials (e.g. blinding, randomisation) to tests of treatment in the individual. SCDs have the potential to revolutionise the way clinical medicine is practised and clinical research is conducted. SCDs include N-of-1 trial designs, single-case experimental designs and single-case observational designs.


Learn more about different types of Single-Case Designs here.

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