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N-of-1 Hub Open for Business

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

N-of-1 Hub, a provider of consultancy and collaborative services for personalised clinical studies, is open for business! N-of-1 Hub has been established to assist companies in the pharmacuetical, medical technology, complementary medicine, digital health, medicinal cannabis, and clinical research sectors, as well as clinicians, researchers, and healthcare consumers, to conduct studies using N-of-1 Trials and other Single-Case Designs (SCDs). N-of-1 Hub is a clinical research company based in Brisbane, Australia and is founded by Dr Jane Nikles and Dr Suzanne McDonald,

Dr Jane Nikles, Co-Director, said "Single-Case Designs are a range of study methods that focus on how individual patients respond to treatments. These methods can apply the rigour and principles (e.g. blinding, randomisation) of traditional group-based clinical trials to evaluate treatments in the individual patient. N-of-1 Trials are one type of Single-Case Design. N-of-1 Trials are multiple crossover trials conducting within a single patient, that often use randomisation and blinding”.

Dr Suzanne McDonald, Co-Director, added "We believe it will make a big difference to be able to offer alternative methods for evaluating treatments. Studies using N-of-1 Trials and SCDs will speed up the process because they can be quicker and cheaper to run than traditional clinical trials. We're looking forward to seeing clinicians, patients and companies, such as clinical research organisations and pharmaceutical companies, benefit from our experience and efforts."

N-of-1 Hub was established to provide consultancy and collaborative services in relation to N-of-1 Trials and SCDs. N-of-1 Hub works with clients on the design, conduct and analysis of these personalised clinical studies. We also provide training workshops and seminars that cover important topics for conducting N-of-1 Trials and SCDs, such as how to implement these studies in practice, how to collect, analyse, and interpret the data, and how to achieve optimal clinical trial results that are personalised, rigorous and powerful.

For more information about N-of-1 Hub, and to discuss your study needs, please contact us

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